It’s that time of the year here in Colorado. Temperatures are rising, flowers are blooming, and concerts are returning in full swing. Red Rocks began their season just last month and are preparing for another jam packed 2024.

One artist who’s heavily preparing for the upcoming season is Mersiv. As head of MorFlo Records and a pioneer in the freeform bass genre, Mersiv’s influence extends beyond his music, fostering a community dedicated to the therapeutic and healing power of sound. He’s also preparing to make his sophomore Red Rocks appearance on May 4th, dubbing the event ‘Journey 2 Mars’.

Following his anticipated return to the iconic venue, Mersiv is set to light up the Denver community once again, announcing his first annual ‘Cinco de Mersiv’ event. This unique cultural festivity not only celebrates Cinco de Mayo but also pays homage to the producer’s Mexican heritage.

Co-hosting alongside him is his cousin, Adran Gallegos, who shares his deep connection to their shared Mexican heritage. Together, they aim to create an authentic celebration that honors their cultural roots and showcases the vibrant spirit of the Mexican community.

The event coincides with Cinco de Mayo, which commemorates the Mexican victory at the Battle of Puebla, symbolizing resilience and pride. In line with these themes, the event supports Fundacion Musica para la Vida and The Boredom Fighters, charities that promote music education in underprivileged communities.

‘Cinco de Mersiv’ will be at at Denver’s Mission Ballroom and features a full day of celebration starting on the plaza with a MorFlo Takeover, a daytime block party that includes a set from Mersiv, with support from OG Nixin, Venture 5 b2b Dream Pusha, Sonrizas, Wesley Mack, and a live beat roast from Onhell. The plaza at Mission Ballroom will transform into a vibrant Mexican market with authentic food, tastings and activities, including face painting and performances by a live Mariachi band.

The evening continues with an immersive ‘In the Round’ performance inside Mission by Mersiv, alongside rising bass artists FLY, Onhell, Green Matter, Evalution, and Blurrd Vzn. Nearly every artist on this lineup proudly shares Mexican heritage, reflecting the cultural theme of the event and offering a showcase of the amazing Mexican talent in today’s dance community as well as locally in Colorado.

Between his ‘Journey 2 Mars’ performance at Red Rocks and his ‘Cinco de Meriv’ event at Mission Ballroom, Mersiv is poised to take the Denver community by storm with an unforgettable weekend of music and culture. Tickets to ‘Cinco de Mersiv’ can be found here. We had the opportunity to speak with Mersiv about the significance of his inaugural event and his thoughts heading into the weekend. You can check out our conversation below!

[Rooster]: What inspired you to create ‘Cinco de Mersiv,’ and how does it differ from other events you’ve hosted?

[Mersiv]: I created ‘Cinco de Mersiv’ to celebrate my Mexican heritage and share it with the community. This event is different because it’s deeply personal, focusing not just on music but on cultural celebration and community bonding.

Can you tell us more about the significance of Cinco de Mayo to you personally and why you chose to celebrate it with this event?

Cinco de Mayo is a symbol of resilience and victory, much like the struggles and triumphs in my own life and career. Celebrating this day allows me to honor my roots and connect with others who share or appreciate this heritage.

‘Cinco de Mersiv’ supports some amazing charities promoting music education. Why is this cause important to you, and how do you hope to make an impact through this event?

Music has transformative power. By supporting music education charities, I want to give back to the community that has shaped me. This event is a platform to uplift and provide opportunities for those in underserved areas to explore music.

It’s amazing that the lineup for ‘Cinco de Mersiv’ includes mostly artists with Mexican heritage. How do you feel about showcasing this talent and celebrating diversity within the electronic music scene?

I’m proud to showcase such incredible talent, reflecting the rich diversity of the electronic music scene. It’s crucial for events like ours to highlight and celebrate this diversity, breaking the usual molds and expectations.

What can attendees expect from the MorFlo Takeover block party during the day, and how does it set the tone for the evening’s ‘In the Round’ performance?

The MorFlo Takeover is a vibrant, energetic celebration that sets the stage for the evening. Attendees can expect an eclectic mix of sounds and performances that embody the spirit of community and celebration, warming up the crowd for the immersive ‘In the Round’ concert that follows.

How do you see ‘Cinco de Mersiv’ evolving in the future, and do you have any long-term goals or aspirations for the event?

I see ‘Cinco de Mersiv’ growing into a staple event that not only celebrates Mexican culture but also fosters inclusivity and community in the broader music scene. My goal is for it to become a beacon for cultural celebration and artistic expression in Denver and beyond.

Lastly, what are you most excited about for both ‘Cinco de Mersiv’ and ‘Journey 2 Mars,’ and is there anything else you’d love to share with your fans and the Denver community?

I’m most excited about bringing people together to share in these experiences, whether it’s the cultural depth of ‘Cinco de Mersiv’ or the awe-inspiring performances we’ve planned at Red Rocks for ‘Journey 2 Mars.’ I’m thrilled to offer these unique events and hope they leave a lasting impact on everyone involved.

Cover Photo Credit / Trey Sarmento