1. Microdosing is a shiny new way to take psychedelics, with no risk of freaking out. With 1/10th or 1/20th of a hit of LSD or magic mushrooms, your day goes smoother, thousands report. Now, scientists are on the case to validate these reports. In a small study, Dutch researchers found that if they gave folks a smidge of psilocybin — magic mushrooms' magic ingredient — it "allowed participants to create more out-of-the-box alternative solutions to a problem" the researchers gave to them.

2. In a larger, more ambitious microdosing study, a British outfit is asking hundreds of regular people to test themselves on games and tests while micro-tripping. You can sign up here. And, no, the researchers won't provide the drugs for you. Here's their pitch:

3. People probably generally drink too much alcohol — if our corrosed livers are any guide — and psychedelics can help you cut back. A study found that a single dose of LSD reduced alcohol consumption in mice. The rodents might have just been too stunned by the feeling that they'd melted into dark matter to drink booze — but who knows? Maybe that's how it works in humans, too.

4. While taking psychedelics, some people think they're getting in contact with Something Else, a Higher Power, a Trippy Jesus. A meta-study said that they're more likely to meet God if they go into a trip thinking in religious terms. In other words: they often see what they want to see. Anyone who's been on an ayahuasca retreat or tripped with an aggressively crystal-wearing wook friend knows this.

5.  So, in other words, psychedelics basically solve all problems and let you have endless sex in the sun like a god

6. … but acid-heads do sometimes fry their brains, like a guy who showed up in the medical literature the other day having screwed up his eyes by putting acid tabs inside his eyelids.

7. You'll have one more place to vape in the Mile High City, as a Denver marijuana vape bar-slash-arcade wins approval. Right now, there are unofficial smoke spots all over Denver where no one gives a shit if you vape yourself into the cosmos — informal cannabis clubs, pipe shops where people don't care, certain street corners — but there is only one official "social use" place that is completely legal: a Coffee Joint down by the highway. (City regulations have been too strict for others to open.) This second "social use" place will open this November, as Vape and Play was granted a permit for a video arcade. Play stoned. Like this guy.

8. Fentanyl is an opioid like heroin, except more synthetic, emptier and more dangerous; fentanyl is Kim Kardashian, while heroin is Beyonce. Trump, always knowledgeable about fake shit, claimed China was behind the fentanyl problem. China denied it. But fentanyl is available from Chinese websites. So maybe Trump nailed this one.

9. Molly, meanwhile, tends to come from the Netherlands.

10. Illegal grows are everywhere in Colorado. Mostly they're in basements and garages and back forties. But they're also on federal land. In 2017, the feds removed 70,000 marijuana plants from guerilla grows on public lands. This land is your land, this land is high land.

[Sheriff’s deputies seize marijuana from a growing operation in unincorporated Calaveras County, Calif., in 2017. Similar grows are all over Colorado. AP Photo from Noah Berger.]

11. Ohio could back away from the War on Drugs, as Buckeyes will vote in November on making simple possession and use of drugs — all drugs — a misdemeanor in almost all cases, not a felony. Ohio is the black hole center of the opioid issue, and felonies just ruining the job prospects and finances of people who mostly hurt themselves and their families. By not prosecuting users, the state would save money; that money would go toward rehab.  

12. Travel stoned, as Rick Steves, public television goober-god travel guide, is rolling out his support for legalization. He's matching donations to NORML — the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws — up to $50,000.

13. Ketamine kicks depression's ass.

14. They're selling bath salts and pretending it's molly, and it's keeping dudes up for days.

15. Finally, people are putting meth into their vape pens. And you thought boofing was weird.

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