North Carolina middle-schooler Graceson Reeves penned the fan letter to end all fan letters to A$AP Rocky, in which he included such brilliant phrases like "Let's talk about me," and "I also know you were arrested for beating a man in a clothing store."

Usually, we're pretty impartial to middle schoolers…unless said middle schooler is Graceson Reeves, author of this wonderful fan letter to rapper A$AP Rocky. He constructed this beautiful, typo-ridden piece of literature explaining that the fan letter was for a project at his school…and also that he knows A$AP is a drug slinging, man beater who will never visit King, North Carolina.

But Graceson's letter never made it to the man-beating hands of A$AP, because it was intercepted by Mishka NYC, who illegally opened and posted it online for the world to revel in (it was addressed to A$AP Rocky…you'd have to be stupid not to open that). Sigh…if we could only write like Graceson, we'd be so rich.