Former Boxing Heavyweight Champion of the World, cannabis entrepreneur and toad venom-smoking extraordinaire Mike Tyson took another jab at the cannabis industry last week, this time dropping an edible shaped like an ear called “Mike Bites.”

The products, released by Tyson’s cannabis company Tyson 2.0, feature gummy edibles shaped like ears with, we shit you not, bites taken out of them.

The products are a not-so-subtle callback to the fight between Iron Mike and Evander Holyfield billed as the Sound and the Fury in June of 1997, though it’s probably better known as the “Bite Fight” due to Tyson instituting a bizarre boxing technique where he entered a cannibalistic rage and bit off a piece of his opponents ear.

If you’ve never seen it, it’s worth a watch, as it’s without a doubt one of the weirdest moments to ever go down in the history of sports.

The new edibles didn’t go over incredibly smoothly, with some celebrities crying foul.

“What’s next? A rebranding of domestic abuse with Robbin Givens’ face?” tweeted Charisma Carpenter. “How does one of the most deplorable and shocking events in sports become a marketing tool to earn millions? It ain’t funny.”

See, this entire scandal requires a ridiculous amount of trivia knowledge from 30 years ago to really understand the subtle punches being thrown here.

So in addition to having to know that Mike Tyson once attempted to eat a part of his boxing opponent back in 1997, this article also requires you to know that Tyson was married to Robbin Givens for less than a year in 1988 and she accused him of physical abuse.

Wasn’t that an incredibly long walk for an incredibly short drink of water?

Rapper 50 Cent tweeted out his surprise at the event, writing “I thought I seen everything, Mike! WTF.”

However, the shocked reactions fell on deaf ears, with other people who have no idea how marketing works calling the edibles “the greatest branding move of all time.”

Tyson launched his cannabis company, Tyson 2.0, earlier this year after his first cannabis attempt, Tyson Ranch, became defunct. The company has strains available in Nevada, California and Colorado, with a ton of the strains being named after the Sonoran Desert Toad, which secretes a venom that makes you trip absolute balls.

Indeed, in these trying times of this foul year of our Lord, 2022, it’s nice to know that anyone with a career-ending scandal such as biting off an ear can turn it into a capitalistic money move 30 years later.