Yes, that's what it is. Everytime we get the urge to become productive, get off the couch and do something with our lives, we lay back down and let it pass. We can't risk the negative health effects of working out. Just look at 33-year-old Kaisia Beaver, a mom from Britain who experiences an allergic reaction each time she begins to exercise. Her eyes swell, her throat closes and she breaks out in hives. Fuck that.

Her condition – which assholes don't believe actually exists – is called exercise-induced angioedema, or EIA and it results when a person's heart rate increases and their skin sweats. We aren't sure if this illness has plagued her worse than having the last name Beaver but either way, we're sure she's a specimen of great health. We thought ADHD was over-diagnosed, we can only imagine how many obese children are thinking they might have EIA. God bless the world.