The music festival community doesn’t always attract the most upstanding citizens — likely because within these weekend societies, the usual laws don’t apply.

This past weekend’s Lost Lands music festival in Thornville, Ohio, is a perfect example. The festival offered countless sightings of public sex acts, recorded by attendees who shared pictures and videos to social media. For three days, any standards of public indecency were seemingly disregarded.

One recorded occasion that stands out is the asshole-eating competition. As pictured above, contestants filled friends’ buttholes with sweet treats, then licked the bootyholes clean.

What’s worse, the competition reportedly took place on day three of the festival. As if overt butt-munching weren’t vile enough, participants waited three days for their bungholes to marinate in sweat and filth.

Click to view video (Warning: pretty gross)

Another sickening sight took place as a couple had sex in middle of the crowd. Naturally, a number of witnesses had their phones ready to capture the action.

Commentators of the video call this a “wook mating ritual,” in which two doped-up hippies bump uglies to the beat of the bass as horrified bystanders watch.

Click to view video (Warning: also pretty gross)

Several more scenes of shameless sex acts have made their rounds on social media — including a video of a woman sitting on the faces of two young men as they take turns tossing her salad. When the woman stands and walks away, her bare, slobbery butt flashes the camera.

Once the indecent pictures and videos circulated the festival community, their common themes — public sex and butt munching — became the focus of conversation. Some Facebook threads discuss disgust with eating ass on day three, when festival filth is at its worst. Others debate who could have won the butt-munching competition.

Simply put, in a butthole-licking tournament, there are no winners. The crowd, the participants, the contestants, and even their parents — everybody loses.

All photos and videos recorded at Lost Lands Festival, Sept. 29 – Oct. 1