The release of My Body Sings Electric's new music video for “Keep It Simple, Stupid” is a testament to the band's successful grind.

Making the right moves is an everybody type of thing that can be regrettably misguided by any one happening in chaotic lifestyles. The guys in the local alt-pop act My Body Sings Electric always tend to stray far away from the wrong kind of moves though, and consistently make the right. The release of their newest music video for “Keep It Simple, Stupid” is a testament to that successful grind.

The concept for the video was thrown together quickly and shot in what lead singer Brandon Whalen calls one of the “grossest, most uncomfortable” days of his life. The quick birth-to-release was done so because the act had been toiling with other things that tend to throw wrenches in the cogs of advancing ideas. Things such as a few quality tours, their podcast on iDobi radio and, you know, real life … it all tends get in the way of artistic endeavors.

But the band says they wanted something to capitalize on the buzz that’s surrounding them because of its Riot Fest appearance this weekend. See them live and in their probably now washed flesh at the Revolt Stage on Friday, Sept 19 at 6:15 pm. Still don’t have tickets? We can’t believe the laziness! Go here; and buy them now! Please.