It’s a long way from the groundbreaking behemoth of music that it once was, but we’re here to report that MTV still has a small portion of its focus on music. While its influence on audible pop culture isn’t near what it used to be, MTV surprisingly has its baby finger on the pulse of independent artists. This of course comes as a complete shock to us – who haven’t really been paying much attention to the world outside of ourselves lately – and to anyone born after 1996.

OMG we totally thought that channel was only for Jersey Shore knockoffs and mind-numbingly awful pre-teen soap operas! Uber-cray!

This morning in an attempt to try and keep a small portion of the shred of dignity it has left, MTV’s Buzzworthy gave Denver some rare love by premiering My Body Sings Electric’s video for “New Friends.” It’s a single off their newly released album “Part 1: The Night Ends.” The tune is a bouncy one that embodies the heavy pop and rock influence the act has built a formidable base around, and uses a playfully easy video to coincide with the light-heartedness of the act.

Says bassist Jason Bower in a statement to MTV about the simplistic nature of the video:

We wanted a very simple and creative format with a DIY feel to it that expresses our personality and our fun nature. A lot of our favorite videos that we admire have a certain creative simplicity to them, so we decided that the best way to express the overall message of ‘New Friends’ was to do something really easy, makeshift, and fun with just a few friends in a very short amount of time.

As fair warning, if there are small children watching please be sure to err on the side of caution with the content of this video. In no way would The Rooster ever condone the improper backwards play in streets that the band so recklessly displays throughout. Not looking both ways while crossing the street: It’s the new foam finger in pop culture. Parents, get outraged!

And be sure to catch the guys with their new radio show on the Idobi Radio network. “The Awful Truth” airs every Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. EST starting Feb 25.