Depersonalized porno filmed with a general audience in mind has long been the bread and butter of the entertainment industry. Today however, online subscription services like Patreon and Is My Girl have new business models taking over, ones where content creators have all the power.

Since May 2016, Patreon has had over 65,000 content creators join — a 61,000 percent increase of people making at least $100 per month in just 3 short years. Online subscription companies’ continued growth makes one wonder; with expansion as numerous as that, is the online community changing the game in terms of adult modeling and porn?

There’s this ongoing idea the world of digital media is depersonalizing society, though in an email interview with content creator Heidi Lavon, it appears to be the contrary. Through her Patreon and Is My Girl accounts, Lavon offers a wide range of unique services such as videos, photos, photo galleries of modeling sets, tutorials and basically anything that draws in and satisfies her extensive fanbase which spans over 20 countries.  

[Heidi Lavon at work in her home studio]

“Knowing that I have followers, supporters, and loyal fans that actually give a damn about what kind of work I produce is stunning,” Lavon says. “I am able to 100 percent work for myself and actually make a business out of it.”

Where there is Internet, there is a way — and depersonalization falls by the wayside when artists have the ability to chat and message with fans.

Lavon herself creates from a rustic warehouse setup along the outskirts of Portland, Oregon. It features high ceilings, wood panels and the occasional forest sparrow flying in to catch a peep.

“It’s equipped with my X-Pole stage, mirrors, giant area rugs, band gear tables, a giant PA system, various lighting setups’” she says. “It’s huge really.”

Lavon won’t assign a number to how much she makes monthly, but did say her bills are paid, she can travel with it and much more.  

[Heidi Lavon on Patreon]

Online subscription services exercise global reach in terms of fans and followers, and when combined with an entertainment industry where almost anything goes, the catcall for the creeps can be unleashed. The upside to utilizing an online platform is, the creepy keyboard heroes become less creepy because they are paying subscription members that engage under their terms, dictated by the content creator.

A veteran of her craft, Lavon has encountered a slew of strange questions and requests. Yet with the barrier of technology, she holds the power in those circumstances.

“You name it, I’ve had it,” she says. “Somebody did ask me to be a ‘financial dom’ to blackmail them for photos for their small wiener. That has been the weirdest.”

There’s something alluring about the idea of using everything you’ve been gifted to attract a crowd on your terms as a means of satisfying the need for financial independence and workplace freedom. Speculate as we may, the entertainment industry and it’s followers have spoken.

[All photos courtesy Heidi Lavon]