Ever considered that the ideal way to spend your time at the gym is simply to collapse to the floor and fall asleep? Progressive gyms in England are now giving the idea a go, offering ‘napercise’ classes to the sleep-deprived. The weary-eyed workout consists  of sleeping with a number of exhausted strangers on single beds inside an exercise studio. Advocates claim this adult naptime regenerates the mind and body, improves concentration and mood, and even burns calories.

While trials of the class are currently free of charge, if the program proves popular, the fitness routine will be rolled out to gyms nationwide, where patrons can pay for the privilege of a mid-afternoon snooze. After all, why nap for free when you can pay for it?

Each class begins with an “instructor” setting the mood by playing ambient music and lowering the temperature to induce relaxation. The fatigue guru then guides patrons through a series of tension-relieving stretches, followed by 45 minutes of shut-eye, finishing up with a few more stretches.

While a group napping seminar would be an absurd way to spend your money, it’s certainly not the worst way to spend your time. According to a study from the Allegheny College in Pennsylvania, participants that took a 45-minute nap in the middle of their day handled stress better than those who didn't. Another study from UC Berkeley found that an afternoon nap could boost the brain's learning capacity.

A siesta may sound like the finest fitness plan of the modern age, but we simply cannot condone coughing up cash to doze off. Instead, we recommend compensated sex breaks for afternoon relief that can actually leave you richer.