This story smells funny … odiferous even …

The world’s shittiest museum has finally opened In England. The National Poo Museum at the Isle of Wight Zoo is a literal shit-show dedicated to all the wonders of poop. The museum is the first of its kind and includes displays of 20 different types of crap encased in glowing resin orbs.

The creators of the National Poo Museum say the museum is designed to demystify fecal fiction and educate the public on all kinds of poop and its environmental and sanitary impacts. On the museum’s pun filled website, it states that they “intend to rub people’s noses in important poo-related issues.”

According to the co-curator of the exhibit, Daniel Roberts, poop doesn’t get enough respect in the modern world and he wants to change that.

“Poo is all around us and inside us, but we ignore it," he says. "Small children naturally delight in it, but later we learn to avoid this yucky, disease-carrying stuff — and that even talking about poo is bad,"

The exhibit includes turds of all kinds including human baby shit, lion shit, insect shit, and even 38 million year old fossilized dinosaur shit. For some reason there’s a display of cat shit in a kid’s shoe … because that’s a great way to address the social issue of cats shitting in shoes, maybe?

The exhibit was co-created with a local art collective that dried and then cast the putrid packages in resin. Samples for the resin casted poo were gathered from around the world, with some samples being donated to the museum by fellow poop enthusiasts.

“Fun” educational poo facts are found throughout the exhibit underneath toilet seat lids. For example, one toilet seat has the fact that, “In 2016 if you have a poo on a train in Britain, there’s a 25% chance it will drop directly onto the tracks, because many carriages have never been fitted with sewage holding tanks.” Eww.

Another fun fact at the museum states, “Common probiotic foods are produced using healthy bacteria originally isolated from human poo.” Gross. That’s not something we wanted to know, National Poo Museum. Gross.

photos: National Poo Museum