It's like, dad fail kind of creepy …

Last night Netflix went down for a little under an hour. People of course freaked out. But then it was fixed. And all became right in the world again. That in and of itself isn't much to balk over, but when we saw the way NBC News covered the story, we had to cringe. It was, how do you say, a little creepy, in like a, "hey, daughter, your best friend from high school is kind of cute," dad fail type of creepy.

the report says.

No offense to Emmanuelle Saliba intended here. In fact, Saliba may be younger than some of us in the office and likely has a pulse on what's hip with gen-Internet right now, so speaking about "Chill Sessions" may likely be in the writer's normal vocabulary just as it is ours. Who knows? But what everyone has to understand is, NBC News is what our parents watch, and what their parents watch, and so on … there's a certain box the network fits in. An old box. And when it comes out to try and fit in with a younger demographic — it just comes across creepy, like an awkward dad syndrome. When we opened the link, it was like walking in on our parents spanking one another with our favorite mitt.

And that's also why we hate baseball. We learned a lot today, class. Dismissed.