Getting rid of the morning shakes has never been easier. 

Somebody slap us because we must be dreaming. A couple of alcoholic geniuses who, like us, can't stand waiting for our drinks to get in our mouths. Building on the ingenuity and efficiency of the Keurig coffee dispenser, these geniuses built the Somabar. It's easy, it's fun and it will have your shakes kept at bay within seconds. SECONDS! Do hear what we're saying?!

The Somabar is cooler than cool. It's a wi-fi enabled bartender that connects with an app providing an plethora of cocktail recipes at the touch of your phone. It hasn't been this easy to get a drink since we stumbled into the gay bar. 

But if you're like us and can't decide what your palate might want on any particular day, the Somabar will actually give you a list of drinks depending on which ingredients are in the machine at that time. Do you hear what we're saying?! You don't have to do anything. So download, connect and fork out the $429 for this glorious machine because we need it, you need it and god damn it, everyone we know needs it. 

How it works: