But Netflix loves us, right? 

Netflix is in your head. That’s no surprise. The Silicon Valley company knows you even better than you know your own Faygo-chugging self. But what’s even crazier than your horrible health habits when binging on a fruitful season of "Narcos," is the fact that Netflix doesn’t even attempt to cover up they’re watching you like a teenage boy watches HBO Late Night.

Today, Netflix revealed it can tell you the exact episode in a hit series where the audience becomes addicted to watching, and thus doesn’t leave their house for three days, only surviving on Tortino’s Pizza Bagels and Diet Mountain Dew. The exact episode? Yup. Research teams at the company found the exact episode, that after viewing, kept 70 percent of the people on board for the rest of the season, if not more.

When were you addicted to your favorite show? 

• Arrow — Episode 8
• Bates Motel — Episode 2
• Better Call Saul — Episode 4
• Bloodline — Episode 4
• BoJack Horseman — Episode 5
• Breaking Bad — Episode 2
• Dexter — Episode 3
• Gossip Girl — Episode 3
• Grace & Frankie — Episode 4
• House of Cards — Episode 3
• How I Met Your Mother — Episode 8
• Mad Men — Episode 6
• Marco Polo — Episode 3
• Marvel’s Daredevil — Episode 5
• Once Upon a Time — Episode 6
• Orange is the New Black — Episode 3
• Pretty Little Liars — Episode 4
• Scandal — Episode 2
• Sense8 — Episode 3
• Sons of Anarchy — Episode 2
• Suits — Episode 2
• The Blacklist — Episode 6
• The Killing — Episode 2
• The Walking Dead — Episode 2
• Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt — Episode 4

Don’t worry though, Netflix isn’t trying to show us that it knows our every dirty documentary pick. No, it’s trying to show us that it has the leg up on its competition, and therefore everyone should switch to the streaming service.

"We found that no one was ever hooked on the pilot," Ted Sarandos, Netflix's content chief, says in a statement. "This gives us confidence that giving our members all episodes at once is more aligned with how fans are made."

In short, the way Netflix releases the entire TV show at once is a much better way to win over fans than that old stupid, square TV method of pilot first then each episode following, according to Netflix. It sounds dandy although this research fails to include the size of the audience based on the success of the show. How many people become addicted after episode one has yet to be determined.

So there you have it, another daily service you use ubquitously that knows you better than you know your self. Fuck it, we’re getting back on Facebook where we control our destiny…