New Law to Allow New Jersey Cops to Use Marijuana Off Duty

New Law to Allow New Jersey Cops to Use Marijuana Off Duty

Did you also think about a decrease in domestic violence rates when you read that headline?

VicesMay 02, 2022 By Marshall Dunham

New Jersey Attorney General Matt Platkin issued a memo earlier this month reminding law enforcement leaders that off-duty police will be allowed to take huge bong rips and get mega zooted when they’re off duty.

According to an article from the New Jersey Monitor, which is a newspaper and not a large reptile, the news comes after New Jersey legalized recreational marijuana, with legal sales beginning this week.

“The memo makes clear police officers can consume marijuana legally purchased within the state while off duty, but specifies on-duty use can be cause for termination or other discipline,” reads the article.

That not using on duty part is a double-edged sword. On one hand, we can’t imagine how many of the 1,000 officer-involved American fatalities could have been avoided in the last year if we had just allowed our law enforcement officers to get stony bologna during work.

On the other hand, we shudder at the thought of giving anyone loaded with paranoia-inducing Sativa a badge and a gun.

Yet, as New Jersey takes a huge step towards not allowing cannabis users to be targeted by their employers, there are some crony old white guys who have expressed that they wouldn’t mind shitting on the proverbial parade.

Specifically, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said that he was “open-minded” to changing rules regarding recreational marijuana in the state, adding he wouldn’t be opposed to barring New Jersey law enforcement officers from using cannabis off duty.

What’s that you say? You can’t call every politician that stole their political ideals from the Nixon Administration a crony old white man? That’s a very valid point, and you may be right. However, we’ll let you look at a picture of Gov. Phil Murphy and you can decide for yourself.

While the question of whether police should get to smoke weed may seem like small potatoes, New Jersey deserves credit for being ahead of the curve. Its marijuana legalization bill takes special measure to insure equity for cannabis users in the job market, which is something that the OG’s of recreational marijuana failed to do.

At the end of the day, New Jersey has made leaps and bounds in striving for what we can all only hope for: to get stoned on a Tuesday night without having a panic attack because we’re thinking of our boss.