In celebration of 4/20, and in a fantastic testament to America’s consumerist stoner culture, Puffco has partnered with AriZona tea to create a bong that fits in a discrete cup, complete with the art of an Arizona Ice Tea can.

Puffco is known for making some pretty cool paraphernalia these days. We don’t know about you guys, but when we think of Puffco we think about that electronic dab rig that looks like it came from outer space.

You know, the one in the Red Rocks parking lot that gave you a massive panic attack last September? You had met a mutual friend and they offered you a dab, and right as you leaned in to take a massive rip, you casually asked what strain this newfound friend was smoking on, and he replied he was pretty sure it was a cross between Blue Dream and Sour Diesel.

Then, as a metric shitton of hash smoke hit the inside of your lungs from this fancy and alien electronic smoking apparatus, you vaguely recall thinking that both of those were Sativa strains (also, who smokes straight sativa these days? That’s some scary weed). Then, for the rest of the night, you sat at the show and sucked your thumb in the fetal position wishing you could call your mom? Has this ever happened to you? Do you know the dab rig we speak of? The Puffco Peak? Yeah, it’s freaking awesome.

While Puffco makes some pretty neat ways to smoke and vaporize weed, the AriZona collaboration is a “cup-style water pipe,” complete with the cherry blossom art straight off an AriZona green tea can. If you thought “cup-style water pipe” was also a mouthful, you’ll be relieved to read that Puffco refers to this product simply as “Cupsy.”

The product is essentially a bong disguised as a coffee cup. The straw serves as a mouthpiece, with a ceramic flower bowl fitting into the silicone lid. We think it’s a fantastic idea for smoking weed discretely, though we have to admit that we don’t know if we’ve smoked weed “discretely” since we were like, 15 years old.

The art is classic AriZona tea, and the product’s a cool one that we’ve heard great things about in the past. We think it’s a great testament to Cannabis culture, especially because the collaboration isn’t attached to any celebrities trying to cash in on America’s cannabis craze. You know, celebrities like Mike Tyson, or Willie Nelson, or David Crosby, or Seth Rogen, or Snoop Dogg, or Jim Belushi, or Creagan Dow, or Whoopi Goldberg, or Rob Gronkowski, or Jay-Z, or Kourtney Kardashian, or Gwyneth Paltrow, or Martha Stewart, or Bella Thorne?

However, you’re also reading these accolades from someone who drank bong water out of a Gatorade bottle when they were in high school, so perhaps the product is a better fit for someone slightly more organized than disheveled writers who put their coffee cups right next to their coffee cup bongs.