Say tain't so B.o.B!

It could just be some clever prank he's playing on the world to get his name in the headlines, then again, it may not be. But from what he's showing us, and his 2 million plus fans on Twitter, it appears that the "Airplanes" emcee B.o.B thinks the world is flat (like that irrelevant nut-job Tila Tequila does) and is now going after some really smart dude named Neil deGrasse Tyson for trying to put him in check. In his recently dropped single, "Flatline," it's clear he's taking shots at the renowned astrophysicist and cosmologist, while still not quite understanding some of the simplest science we have as a people. 

We really hope this is just a tongue-in-cheek method to get a few clicks, as it's already one of the more popular tracks he's dropped in some time on SoundCloud. But … say it ain't so, B.o.B!