Because when we think "Colorado music," surfing is usually the first thing to come to mind …

Let’s talk about a bizarre juxtaposition position right now. We’re sitting in the office, snow is barreling downwards trying to ruin our weekend plans, and then Nathaniel Rateliff and his band the Night Sweats premiere a new music video for the single “Look It Here” — not so crazy, right? But it is, young grasshopper, it is because they’re on the beach in front of some of the best surfers in the world. Today is not a beach day!

But, kudos to this band for breaking out of the cafeteria table that is the local scene and powering onward towards a nation-spanning, sold-out tour that stops in Denver for two nights at The Ogden next month (Dec '15).

Nathaniel Rateliff tells Fader this about the song:

"I thought it would be cool if at the end of 'Trying So Hard Not To Know' horns came in and it jumped right into another song," he says."I had the horn melody so I got up out of bed and made a quick recoding of it and had a coupe of words to add. I finished the next morning. It ended up being 'Look It Here.'”