We wouldn't expect anything less from the nephew of Layzie Bone … it's in the blood.


Mr. Wright has himself a heavy 2016 planned already, with his new EP Wisdom and Good Vibes (a first release on his own) coming in just a few days, a big-ass tour with Logic (coming to Denver soon) and then another full album release slated for sometime later this year — it's stacked. From someone who's been rapping since he was 8-years-old, however, he's got this.

If the EP/album are anything like the above dropped single "Work A LIl Harder," though, Dizzy's year is going to be one to hold on to. 

On his new EP, Wright says:

“This is my most musical album, meaning we brought live instrumentation into the studio,” Dizzy explains. “Despite everything that’s going on, I’m in a really good space right now and this project reflects that. This past year I’ve dedicated time to learning more about life and the business and everything around me. I’ve surrounded myself with good, smart people and we’re learning from each other. And I’m always about keeping it positive so that’s why I called this project Wisdom and Good Vibes.”