It's beautiful, but careful, she's pushing products.

Though the first video for FKA twigs' song "Good to Love" was released back in the earlier part of February, the new one takes an entirely different approach to music videos than what's been done before — and will likely be one of the first in a new paradigm of online content. 

You see, the above video — as sexy, engaging and beautiful as it is — is just one long-ass commercial for Calvin Klein. It's called "native advertising" — basically just well placed ads inside of things we wouldn't normally think of an ad to be in. Companies are having to get more creative in pushing their wares, and what better than to tap into the fanfare and allure of FKA twigs? 

Says FKA twigs about the video: "I guess it’s kind of tongue in cheek, fun, sexy but still with the emotional ignition and openness that I always aim to achieve when I direct. I wanted to make something that could feel artistically futuristic, tense, crucial, loaded, emotionally complicated but ultimately still include the seductive, free and young feel of Calvin Klein.”

The video for "Good to Love" is still entertaining, just keep an eye out for those shifty tricks companies are going to to start pulling on us from here on out. We're onto you, Calvin