In Gramatik fashion, the genre clashing artist is gracing our ears with a brand-new single "Bluestep" in celebration of his new full-length album 'The Age of Reason' due out this spring on Lowtemp. The cut combines the vibes of raw 50's and 60's Blues with all kinds of EDM genres – the result is what he refers to as "Bluestep". It's a dynamic mixture of Blues and Dubstep, a plethora of screaming guitar, howling vocals and big bass, capturing the raw energies of both music worlds in a cohesive, yet outrageous picture. 

Gramatik elaborates on the epic title, which was

"inspired by a stand-up segment by comedian George Carlin. He made a joke on the fact that he was Catholic until he reached the age of reason. I also firmly believe that there comes a time in a human life when you reach the so-called 'age of reason' and realize that there are so many irrational beliefs, shameless contradictions and illogical restrictions inflicted upon society. Some people reach it sooner, others later, but a majority unfortunately never do. [Through my music] I'd like to guide more people to reach the age of reason sooner. Maybe. Or, hopefully at least unite the ones that feel the same way."