Listen, learn, enjoy.

Too often we'll toss on an "exceptional" new track that's supposed to make us "think" and get excited for a "new sound" coming from the world's "best new artist" and … it generally never works like that. After 3-and-a-half minutes we move onto the next one, and the next, and then the next — until the day's done and we do it all over again when the sun recycles into another 8 hour stretch. That's the state of music, for the most part …

But this morning we had new music from P.O.S. (a first dropped solo track in over 3 years), which would have been good enough, but "sleepdrone/superposition" just kept going, and going, featuring artists like Lizzo, Astronautalis, Lydia Liza and his 16-year-old son Hard R et. al. — the lineup is insane in its own right. But this is a near 9-minute track and has an incredible amount of things to say in it. This isn't a song meant to be taken in once and forgotten, this is a track that defines a moment in time. 

“It seemed like everything I was writing in the months after my transplant was totally opaque, health-related depression rap," he once told the Star Tribune. "Which was good for me in the cathartic sense but wouldn’t have been good music in the entertaining sense.”

He's back. Listen, learn, enjoy.