H&M back at it again with the public relations comeback …

It's not like it hasn't happened before, artists teaming up with companies to basically make one long commercial for the brand instead of releasing an independent piece of work. It's that whole consumerism meets art thing, and it's inevitable. 

So we weren't at all surpsied to see MIA's newest release be part of a recycling campaign for H&M — a company that's in an incredible about-face right now because of of how it got slammed a few years back for being so wasteful in its product manufacturing. The revelations dinged the brand's reputation, so naturally it's going to do whatever it can to make amends and pretend it cares. Even though it's a pretty dogshit way of going about things.

But whatever. New music, right? People will forget (if they haven't already) about it in a few years and move on to something else anyways.