If this thing becomes a hit, let it be known, we were here first …

Sometims it's these lowkey tracks that become the biggest hits. It may be a sleeper, this "I'll Take You" track from MSTR ROGERS and its exceptionally weird video. If this thing blows up, mark it, we were on it first. FIRSTIES!

Director Emile Freeman shares: "When I first heard the song, it was tough to distil the feeling and colour that was exploding in my mind into an actual music video. The more I listened to the song I knew it had to be a story of release and the narrative sort of grew from there. Overall I think the idea was to make something that felt like peeking into another world, another reality."

Jarrad Rogers, aka MSTR ROGERS, adds: "It's amazing what you can do with a couple of Ken dolls and some resourcefulness. I asked a really talented mate of mine to shoot the video in London. The idea was to make this super lo-fi video and shoot it on VHS. It's kinda hilarious, but also really gets the song and what I'm trying to do across. I'm so excited to share it."