Hate the world and everyone in it today? Frameworks' new album is all you'll need to make it better …

If you woke up hating the world and everyone in it, the new “Branches EP” by UK producer Frameworks is the musical relief you need to make your day suck just a little less. The latest slice of downtempo gold from Frameworks is a blissful 4-song set that’s as deep and complex as it is melodic and soothing; it’s like a sensual massage for your weary (presumably hungover) soul. Whether you’re in need of a soft morning soundtrack or just want to fill up your “Winter Canoodling” playlist with some warm tunes, Frameworks has you covered.

The EP starts off with some pep on the title track, “Branches,” then delves into some deeper soulful territory with “Carry On” and "The Movement” — before finishing with a bit more zest on “The Passenger.” Altogether, the EP is like the musical equivalent of a hot bowl of pho that fans of Emancipator and Bonobo will be eager to devour. After you’re done listening to this EP a few times, take some time digging into the rest of the Frameworks catalog on SoundCloud — you’ll be glad you did.

Now get out there and show the World who’s boss!

Download “Branches” from iTunes or Bandcamp, out now on Loci Records.