Could this very well be the next summertime jam the world sings?

From now until mid-summer, artists are going to be unloading a proverbial shit-box full of new music, trying to lay the golden egg that becomes this summer's hottest hit. You know the tracks, the jammers that get played every-fucking-where until your ears bleed? Think "turn down for what" or "shots" — those words might ring a bell to a few of you had you been alive and conscious recently.

To that, there's going to be a ton of great music being unloaded on us during the next few months, and there already has been. Another one recently dropped by Otto Knows and Lindsey Stirling (also featuring Alex Aris), is a necessary inclusion into any playlist. Per YouTube views and media attention, the thing hasn't caught much steam yet — but it's packed with enough necessary ingredients it could very well be the ubiquitous jam everyone will be singing come July. Then again, anything that has the words "Lindsey Stirling" in it is worthwhile in our opinion. S'up Lindsey?