Back at it again with the noise …

Snoop Dogg is nothing if not an opportunist. As an artist that creates culture, instead of following it, he's been at the forefront of movements for as long as he's known how to speak into the microphone. 

But recently, he squared up with Jacky Greco, Arlissa and Jakk City for a dancey track called “Blow.” It might seem like this is just a ploy to stay relevant, but it's not like it's the first time he's been around the electronic block. Remember his DJ name Snoopadelic? His collabo with Datsik? Or him and LA Party Machine getting down? He's done it before, so it's not like this feature is anything too cray. 

It is, however, nice to see him still after it. We'll give this track a 4 out of 5, just because we can hear this thing echoing off of every wall in Las Vegas now.