When new artists emerge there’s generally that very real, very awkward freshman-year-like phase that serves as more of an introduction to the entertainment world for them, than it does actual entertainment. Identities are malleable at this time, and there’s never any real sense of what the artists are trying to portray. It’s a conceivable train-wreck, and since most of us slow down to watch those, it can be and usually is a very clumsy debut.

But new DIY-indie-electro-psych-trip-funtime-music duo (yes it’s a real genre – we just made it up so it has to be real) Sunboy have managed to transcend all that awkwardness of trying to find out who they are as a group and what they want to achieve in its scene inauguration. With only half a year behind them as Sunboy, JL and JR have managed to release some incredible tracks including their newest “Highway Screamin’,” that’s got one of the most amazing videos to go along with it that we’ve ever seen from a new local artist.

Watch below to discover a fresh new favorite: Denver duo Sunboy: