The band chose to clap back with safe zone blips and blops …

People talk shit. It's what they do. It's like, concentrated self-esteem for some of them, shoved into tasty little ego pills to take when they feel like they haven't had enough handed to them for free.

To bring you somewhat up to speed, earlier in the year a few no-name struggle rockers tried to take backhanded jabs at one of Denver's more successful bands with unfounded claims of misogyny and whatever the fuck else they had to say. In response, In The Whale chose to do what In The Whale does best — the two of them clapped back outside of the thread mob while creating something entirely vanilla to appease the tears. Enter "Game Over," the duo's latest release.

You don't like their lyrics and loud guitars? Alright, fuck 'em — Nate Valdez and Eric Riley went completely 8-bit with their favorite songs on past EPs. Nintendo mode, outrage served separately.

"This record is for all the people who told us rock n roll is dead, that In the Whale truly does suck, and that you deserve all the opportunities we've got because you're better than our 'stale' sound," says the band.

"You're right. You win."