It contains actual Wu-Tang and you won't believe how it's made.

You’ve let the Wu-Tang Clan come inside your ears … but now it’s time to let them come inside your mouth, with the refreshing taste of the all new Wu-Tang Clan Infused beer.

We know what you’re thinking, and no, the RZA and the GZA weren’t left to soak in vats of sudsy libations. Nor were any fermenting yeasts meshed with the ashes of the late ODB. The finished beer from Philadelphia's Dock Street Brewery was, however, exposed to Wu-Tang Clan’s music around the clock for six straight months. Just like you in your sophomore year white rapper phase!

Once packed into a red wine barrels, this nonstop Wu-Tang blitzkrieg was done using a pair of custom-fit, homemade ‘headphones,’ which essentially is just a set of old desktop speakers crudely mounted on each side of the cask.

Thousands of hours of nonstop Tang later, the resulting concoction is a golden saison with hints of pineapple and orange fittingly named “Dock Street Beer Ain't Nothin' to Funk With,” a nod to the hit from Wu-Tang Clan's 1993 debut album.

According to Vine Desrosiers, head brewer at Dock Street: "It started as a joke and then we wondered if the bass would cause enough vibration to move the yeast around and create some different flavors during fermentation."

A release from Dock Street Brewery maintains that same logic: “We're all a product of our environment; we react consciously and subconsciously to countless stimuli on the regular. There's the obvious: temperature, light exposure, atmosphere; and the more complicated: rhythm, tempo, volume, etc. Beer is no different.” Okay, that’s reading into it a little deep; it’s just a beer that’s been marinated in Wu-Tang soundwaves for two-thirds of a pregnancy term … but okay. Sold.

The beer will be released at Dock Street Brewery on Wednesday, Nov. 4, available on tap and in 12-ounce bottles; however, there is a two-bottle limit per customer, according to Philly. Why? So you can protect ya neck by not dying in a Wu-Tang beer related accident.

Is this a publicity play? Probably. Can you still get drunk on it? Absolutely.