As if you didn't already feel like your life was in danger when you're watching Nic Cage movies, there's now a website you can go to called Nicolas Cage Roulette, which randomly selects a Cage film for your viewing displeasure.

You're young, and you like to live on the edge, constantly skirting the tenuous boundary between between coma and consciousness. We get you. That's why we wanted to tell you about the newest, hottest, most dangerous thing on the market: Nicolas Cage Netflix Roulette.

Toss free will to the wind and submit to fate's hand as Nicolas Cage Netflix Roulette randomly selects Cage films (if you can call them that) to play on your Netflix queue. The best part? Whatever film it chooses just starts playing in your Netflix. There's no time to react, to stop the potentially deadly cycle from happening.

Nicolas Cage Netflix Roulette spells out your destiny right before your eyes. Will it smile mercifully upon you, and select something palatable like Raising Arizona? Or will it rain down a bloody wrath upon your head and roll the opening credits to Face/Off? Or, will it deal you the ultimate hand of death and choose Christmas Carol: The Movie, sentencing you to 81 minutes of pure, unadulterated Cage? You. Just. Don't. Know.

There's no better way than to satisfy your need for adrenaline, and celebrate the man's 50th birthday. Congratulations Nic, you don't look a day over 200! We just wish that Netflix had Wicker Man in case we feel insufficiently shaken up after Trespass.