Less than 1 in 10 Americans sleeps in the nude. In fact, according to a sleep study, it's 8 percent of Americans who are willing to shed the pajamas and let the cool, brisk air swirl throughout their naked body. It's not surprising only 65 percent of Americans say they have a "well night's rest." They're missing out on the glorious benefits of sleeping nude. Not only is it healthier, there are many reasons why people should sleep without clothes. 

1. Sleep naked to air out your naughty bits: It doesn't take a scientists to discover the amazing sensation when a cold brisk breeze blow throughout the naughty parts. That breeze is actually helping prevent bacteria from growing in what would be an otherwise warm environment. This mainly applies to women, but some men might be growing moss around the bushes.

2. Sleep naked like a rock: We all sleep better at a cooler temperature. As the body falls asleep it's natural tendency is to lower it's body temperature. Covering ourselves with blankets and cumbersome clothing accelerates the temp decline and makes sleeping uncomfortable. No clothes, no problem. 

3. Sleep naked for your beauty: Next time you wake up to someone who looks off-kilt in their appearance, let them know that it's most likely because they slept at too warm a temperature – or you drank too much again and need to cut back. Being too warm at night disrupts the releasing of the hormone melatonin and other growth-hormones to help aging. 

4. Sleep naked to cut belly fat: For those who wake up craving a jelly donut and six pack of yoo-hoo, you're most likely not getting a healthy dose of uninterrupted, uninhibited shut-eye. The answer: take off your clothes and jump in the sack. Sleeping more soundly helps build energy and hormone levels that are responsible for metabolism and food cravings. 

5. Sleep naked for your confidence: Liberate yourself from the daily confines of social norms and stretch out, feeling the sheets rub across every part of your body. The study says this makes you more confident. We think it makes you somewhat strange. 

6. Sleep naked for better sex: Finally, something that really pertains to our nighttime ritual although we doubt they mean better sex by yourself. When sleeping naked next to someone and you're skin to skin, the intimate experience releases the cuddle hormone Oxytocin, and you know what that means? Well, better sex of course. 

And there you have it, six reasons you need to stop being a never-nude and get out of your clothes. Did we just provide you the most perfect pick-up line at the bar?