We’re in a post-9/11 world where credit card and student loan debt is towering above reasonable proportions. Minimum wage sucks, grocery prices are inflating and the economy is, well, blah blah blah. Being broke is our new every day; so when people come at you with a handout, take it. We’re all about complementary when it comes to most anything here at The Rooster office, so we’ve decided to pay the hookup forward in a new series called: No Pay, All Play.

Today’s free download is a remix of the terribly addicting anthem “Black & Yellow,” from Wiz Khalifa, and it comes from a Seattle cultivated artist named Astronautalis. It's a seriously toned-down version of the frenetic ballad and layers in a gorgeous mix of string and piano accompaniment – a most unexpected turn from both the song and from the colorfully concious hip hop artist. If the older song choice seems a bit out of place, here’s a quote from the artists Soundcloud page to further explain the reasoning behind it.

A little over a year ago, the folks at RadioLab contacted me about an episode they were working on about ‘colors’. Now, if you are not familiar with RadioLab, it is an astounding radio show/podcast about the marvelous of area where science, art, and magic all mix. Understandably, it is one of my favorite things ever, and when they asked to be apart of this episode, I was over the moon! The episode was going to be focusing on colors, what color is, how we relate to color, etc, and they wanted to get various musicians they liked to cover songs about color to soundtrack the entire episode.

Rooster Disclaimer: Most of what comes out for free on the Internet is done so by the gracious nature of the artists we feature. They put their time, effort and resources into making what you enjoy. Don’t be a dick by illegally downloading things they ask money for. Do your part by supporting artists with value.