Since it's so prevalent and easy to come by, artist Will Thompson uses the American dollar as the backdrop to his incredible drawings.

Bill The Worm

Instagram tag?

Vail, CO

Celebrity crush?
Emma Watson

Burrito or Sushi?
Sushi Burrito.

Sweat pants or suit?
"It's risky business painting in a suit."

Republican candidate of choice?
"Donald Trump."

What got you into art?
"My Aunt Mary would force my brother and me to draw as kids. We hated it, but I just wanted to be better than him."

What inspires you?
"Inspiring others."

When did you realize you could draw better than most?
"Eighth grade at an after-school meeting with my parents, teachers, principal and superintendent over a mushroom I draw in English class. It was filthy good."

Do you have plans for the future?
"I'd like to purchase a warehouse/studio space and go 110% all out on art."

How can someone see more of your work?
"You can see my work hanging at The Boulder Vapor House on University Hill, and next door at Taco Junky."

Shameless plug?
"Follow my art on Instagram and check out my website!"