Algorithms broken? Too busy to care? Each week we recap the most interesting music headlines from the past 7-or-so days. Simply put, we want to catch you up on what's happening in the boom boom bap while others are busy writing about "isms." 

1. Paul McCartney recently admitted that he didn't even realize he was making songs when in the studio with Kanye West. "With him, it was much more made up as we went along — so much so that I didn't even realize that I was making songs," McCartney explained. "I was tootling around on guitar, and Kanye spent a lot of time just looking at pictures of Kim on his computer. I'm thinking, are we ever gonna get around to writing?! But it turns out he was writing. That's his muse."

2. Over the weekend, Beyoncé and Jay Z released a joint album about all of the material possessions they have that you don't — and nobody really listened to it. Sure, the numbers were okay, but for two of the biggest names in music, they were disappointing at best. The reason? They stupidly hoarded it on Tidal for a few days and released it on a Saturday. Beyoncé could give a shit though, singing in the single "Apeshit" that: “If I gave two fucks — two fucks about streaming numbers, would have put Lemonade up on Spotify.” (Which she still hasn't done. It is on Apple Music though, so … )

3. How about a lesson in humility? NOFX recently tweeted that the band had all its U.S. shows pulled following a really stupid joke about the Las Vegas shooting. (“At least they were country fans and not punk rock fans,” frontman Fat Mike said … in Las Vegas.) Fat Mike has always been a colossal piece of shit though, so it really isn't surprising, and it's a good bet few people actually care anymore.

4. Bunk Police and its sister organization, DanceSafe, plan to test drugs at the Electric Forest music festival this weekend even though the event organizers don't want them there. In recent interviews with Rooster Magazine, many of the on-site drug testers going plan on walking out of there in handcuffs — some real Rosa Parks type shit. 

5. During a speech at the recent VidCon, YouTube promised it would be making it easier for creators to make money — and not just off of ads. Outlined in an accompanying blog post, channels with over 100k followers will now be privy to the new advancements, a welcome venture considering only 3 percent of YouTubers crack the poverty line. Let's hope it sticks.

6. In court documents uncovered by Amplify, the true scope of Coachella's radius clause are finally being understood. And in short, they're super fucked. A radius clause is usually in contracts artists sign that say they can't play for X amount of time in X cities or X festivals within X miles of the event. In Coachella's case, some artists are forced to endure a 6 month window of no performances throughout the entire southwest chunk of America.

7. Within days of it happening, Miami authorities arrested and charged someone for rapper XXXTentacion's murder. Dude wasn't even 21 when he was killed, and the suspect is a spry 22. Either way it's viewed, it's a tragedy things like this continue to persist.

8. Let's not forget though, XXXTentacion (like Fat Mike) was also a colossal piece of shit. The good news, however, is his battered girlfriend received a bunch of money for reconstructive surgery (of which she needed after XXX broke her eye-socket.)

9. And in news that proves your not alone, Hard Rock Cafe and Casino was hoisting it's big-ass guitar sign into place when workers noticed a typo. To be fair, correct spelling can get you to the White House — so life ain't all bad.

[cover photo Snodgrass]