Who has time to wait for booze to become delicious? 

We don't know a lot about wine and fancy booze, but we got hammered and watched Sideways once, so we can fake it pretty good. All we can really remember is that oak is a good thing, and makes shit taste way better than it did before. 

But we also remember that oak aging takes a long time, and we just don't have time to wait — we need our fancy booze now, thank you. That's where the Oak Bottle comes in. 

This little monster will apparently transform wine, whiskey or whatever into an oaky bottle of delicious. Yeah, it costs $80 and we're not sure how many times you can use it before it becomes a useless but really cool bottle, but you're a baller, right?

And they come in fancy flavors, too. The world is an amazing place …

That's it. We're getting one.