Because in Denver even our dive bars are tops …

It’s not real secret at this juncture: Denver is one of the preeminent brewing centers in the country. It seems like every other day a Colorado craft brew is taking blue ribbons at some national tasting competition. In the words of Drake: trophies.

That being said, while the modern craft movement is a great thing, it’s also important to not get caught up in the craze and to remember Denver’s originators: the old-school haunts that go light on the folderol and heavy on history. My Brother’s Bar is a perfect example. MBB has finally received the national spotlight it deserves, being voted one of the top dive bars in America by Thrillist.

My Brother's Bar off 15th and Platte has always been a local favorite. Spanning generations, there’s a good chance we, our parents and our grandparents may have all been drunk at this popular watering hole at some point in our lives. In fact MBB is the oldest still operating bar in the city of Denver. The popular pint and burger spot has been working wonders for Denverites for years; however, its mark on the literary world cannot be denied either.

According to local legend, (or for all sourcing purposes local radio K99) literary heavyweights Allen Ginsburg and Jack Kerouac used to grab a few drinks and something to eat at MBB before writing. The Beat Generation ties are deep. Neal Cassidy prominently featured either by name or pseudonym in many of Kerouac’s works still has a running tab there according to Thrillist as well.

Denver is definitely collecting hardware these days. A round is in order … just put these on Cassidy’s tab.