If you’re looking for some moody cityscapes, raw street photos and intimate portraiture shots, Kieran Cole is the guy to get a hold of, in Denver. His eye for introspective angles, gritty scenes and steely skylines makes for photographs that strike like fire — or perhaps like lightning — maybe even both. But either way: they’re hot.

He shoots skyscrapers, lamborghinis, city scenes, beautiful women and even himself — all with the classic “Book of Kieran” somber style. Sure, tons of photographers can easily capture Denver in a warm and golden, happy-go-lucky postcard picture light, but Kieran captures a different side of the Mile High City. He captures a side of the city that shys away from the light, that hides its face and turns away from the bright attention of the world.

It’s hard to believe that he only really started doing this a year ago. But, Kieran says, when the pandemic hit and he had time on his hands, he just went out into the city and started shooting anything and everything he could. People really liked his shots, his friends encouraged him to do more, his sister encouraged him to start an Instagram account for his photography; Kieran built a website, he got business cards, he kept shooting and shooting and shooting some more, until finally, he started getting photo gigs.

“I don't want to be pigeonholed into one niche,” he says. “I want to be able to showcase that I can do everything.”

It’s why, when you browse his instagram or website, you’ll find examples of modeling photos, examples of marketing photos, cities, lakes, landscapes and more. All tied together, with Cole’s distinctive style, that he’s still refining, developing, and perfecting.

“I try and shoot photos completely differently than someone else — I'll put a little bit more of an edge on it,” he says. “I'm seeing things from a different perspective, so it's never the same, for sure.