Denver’s comedy scene is buzzing with excitement over “Paranormall,” a new TV pilot from the inventive sketch group Bedtime Worldwide. Known for their unique mix of live and digital comedy, this group is embarking on their most ambitious project yet: a supernatural comedy pilot that blends the eerie charm of “Twin Peaks,” the thrilling adventure of “Supernatural,” and the quirky humor of “Mallrats.”

Bedtime Worldwide was founded in 2021 by Evan Davis, who envisioned a live sketch show that incorporated video elements. He recruited talented comedians Gabby Gutierrez-Reed, Michael Isaacs, Kelsey Wood, Jennifer Sutherland, and himself, launching their first show, “Learning,” at Jesters Palace in Denver. Despite a fire at Jesters Palace in December 2022, which temporarily halted their second season, the group bounced back in January 2023 adapting their mall themed sketch show into a full 30 minute tv pilot. This pivot inspired the concept of “Paranormall,” a show centered around an unlikely team coming together to banish evil from their local shopping mall.

With a growing desire to produce high-quality digital content, Bedtime Worldwide shifted their focus from live performances to digital sketches. Gabby Gutierrez-Reed created the concept for “Paranormall,” driven by her passion for blending absurd comedy with spooky elements and the rest of the group spent the better part of 2023 writing the pilot script together The group’s dynamic style draws from influences like “Community,” “30 Rock,” and the practical effects of John Carpenter’s films.

Currently in pre-production, “Paranormall” is well on its way to becoming a reality. The team has launched a Seed&Spark crowdfunding campaign to finance the project and pay their dedicated crew. With a couple weeks left, they are nearly half way to their fundraising goal. The support from the community and comedy enthusiasts is vital for bringing this unique project to life.

The creation of “Paranormall” has been a collaborative effort, blending the talents of Denver musicians, visual artists, and stand-up comedians. Bedtime Worldwide’s approach is rooted in poking fun at societal norms, corporations, and the unexplained, all while maintaining a whimsical and sometimes creepy twist. Their tagline, “Come Sleep with Us,” encapsulates their dreamlike yet apocalyptic humor.

While digital content is their current focus, Bedtime Worldwide remains open to future live performances and collaborations. Their goal is to submit “Paranormall” to various film festivals and television networks, showcasing their work to a broader audience. Despite the challenges posed by recent strikes and the pandemic, the team is determined to get their innovative comedy seen.

For fans of offbeat humor and supernatural stories, “Paranormall” promises to be a delightful blend of the eerie and the hilarious. To support this project, visit their Seed&Spark campaign and join the journey of bringing this Denver-based comedy gem to screens everywhere.