"But Mom, I live 7,000 miles away."

Visiting your parents can be a real drag. From the endless questions about what you plan to do with your life, to the inquiries about who you’re banging and when you plan on pooping out some grandkids, the whole thing can be too much to handle.

Luckily, being an adult generally means you don’t have to deal with your parents anymore than you want to. Yeah, you might have to go home for Christmas to keep up appearances, but you generally don’t have to talk to your parent’s much if you don’t want to. Oh, the perks of adulthood.

Unfortunately for adult children in Shanghai that’s all about to change.

In an effort to prove that they can make family gatherings feel even more awkward and forced, the Shanghai government is enacting a law on May 1 that will allow parents to sue their children for not visiting or calling enough.

The law states that adult children that live away from their parent's must "visit or send greetings often." If parents feel their children don’t come over for enough Sunday dinners, they can turn around and sue their degenerate kid's for neglect.

Following the lawsuit, the child would be ordered to visit their family more often and make an effort to be the sweetheart their parent's know they can be. If they don't call their Ma and Pa enough or watch Dancing with the Stars with them occasionally, the kid’s will face legal action. Specifically their credit score will be reduced by an unspecified amount.

Which is the weirdest punishment for being grounded that we've ever heard. Couldn’t they just take away their Twitter or Facebook account? Oh yeah, China does that already.

This law makes helicopter parenting legally enforceable and was established in response to the rapidly changing cultural dynamic in China. With the world changing quicker than ever before and millennials caring less and less about tradition, the nuclear family is falling apart.

Traditionally Chinese families are extremely close and kids are responsible for taking care of their parents when they get older. As the Chinese news source Ciaxin reports, these laws are directly in line with filial piety which is an aspect of Confucianism that promotes the values of respect for ones father, elders, and ancestors.

While cultural tradition is cool and all, forcing adults to hang out with their parents is pretty lame. Though we wouldn’t mind having our credit score docked a few hundred points if it meant never having to field questions about, “whatever happened to that nice girl Ashley, you used to date?” ever again.