Patty Mills, the Brooklyn Nets and creative agency Street Theory celebrated the unveiling of a new mural honoring local and global Indigenous communities. The  mural was painted by internationally renowned artist Victor “Marka 27” Quiñonez and takes inspiration from Mills’ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander roots in Australia, as well as the RedHawk Native American Arts Council, Ramapo Munsee Lunaape Nation and other global Indigenous communities in the New York Area.  

“The idea for this mural came about a year ago in conversations with General Manager Sean Marks,”  said Mills. “We thought of a creative idea to give something to the community that could make them  feel proud and that they could have ownership of. This mural is something that can bring us all  together no matter where you’re from and honor Indigenous people both around the world and  here in Brooklyn.” 

The importance of Indigenous representation and the connection we have to water and also each  other was the mission of this mural. The mural features water flowing around the two powerful  figures and surrounding native symbols and patterns displays that water is life and nature is what  connects us all.  

The Team Mills Foundation and the Nets worked with local Mexican Artist, Marka27, and Street  Theory – an award-winning creative agency recognized for large-scale public art production in  cities across the world – to produce, design and paint the mural. Mills was also advised by the  RedHawk Native American Arts Council, a non-profit maintained by Native American artists and  educators residing in the tri-state area.  

“Art has always been a catalyst for social change,” said Quiñonez. “Working with Team Mills, the  Brooklyn Nets and The Redhawk Native American Arts Council was an honor and perfect  opportunity for myself and Street Theory to celebrate our ancestors and Indigenous communities at  the highest level through street art.” 

The mural was unveiled during a community block party headlined by Mills on Sat., June 24. The  event, which took place at P.S. 958 in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, featured a cultural blessing and dance  performance by Redhawk Native American Arts Council, as well performances by the Nets’ Team  Hype and Brooklynettes. Also on hand was Jackie Wilson, who joined the Nets parent company, BSE  Global, as Chief DE&I Officer in 2020.  

“BSE Global and the Brooklyn Nets are thrilled to join Patty and all the groups that played a role in  bringing the mural to life,” said Wilson. “This mural is a great showcase of our organization’s  commitment to Brooklyn and the larger New York City area, and we’re excited to have been a part  of a project that brought the community together to celebrate art and culture.”

"As a school committed to representing the diversity that makes up New York City, this mural is an  important tool to deepen the understanding of Sunset Park’s history. We are so grateful for this  opportunity to collaborate with Patty Mills, the Brooklyn Nets and other organizations that align  with our school's mission to center the experiences of historically marginalized groups. We look  forward to teaching our students about all that it signifies for years to come,” said Emily Shapiro,  principal for P.S. 958.  


Photos courtesy of the Brooklyn Nets


Photo by Mario Ramírez Capellá @tostfilms