Oh, aggressive religious people … when will you learn?

For close to 100 years or so, little girls have looked to Disney princesses for inspiration on how to live; and when you stop and look at it, the messages have been kind of depressing. 

Mulan: No one will care about you unless you're a man. 

The Little Mermaid: To get a man, change everything about yourself and never speak. 

Beauty and the Beast: Let a man abuse you until you get Stockholm Syndrome and love him for his money. 

Cinderella: A makeover and and a man's attention is the best thing that could ever happen to you. 

With this sexist track record in mind, Frozen was fucking great. They didn't need no man to find love. Because of this, [eople think that writing Elsa in as a lesbian in the 2018 Frozen sequel will send a good message to women, showing them that they can be gay if they're gay. #GiveElsaAGirlfriend has been trending on Twitter, and it makes pretty decent sense. Some people think she was a lesbian anyway, and "Let It Go" was her coming out song. 

We wanted a "lesbian Elsa" image here, but there was only graphic fan art.

But wouldn't you know it, the angry religious right lost their shit over the idea, and now they're rallying to make sure it doesn't happen. CitizenGo has started their own petition, asking Disney to keep Elsa straight.

We're calling bullshit. From the petition:

"We call on Disney to follow its normal trend and create a Prince character to fall in love with Queen Elsa."

But … one of the reasons why Frozen did so well is because Disney deviated from its "normal trend" of writing weak women in need of a man. 

"Children are innocent and it is very important not to refocus the film with political messages," the petition continues, "but rather keep to its original theme by helping children dream of eternal values, such as: love, friendship, faithfulness, loyalty, generosity, etc."

So children are morons and will be "brainwashed" into becoming gay? And lesbians are terrible monsters, incapable of love and friendship?

Man, some people. We vote lesbian Elsa all the way.