Also drops insane diss-video calling Ghostface Killah an irrelevant old man … just to further solidify he's the anti-christ.

Between running alleged Ponzi schemes and price-gouging terminally ill cancer and AIDS patients, Martin Shkreli, better known as Pharma Bro, always seems to have time to rekindle public hatred one way or another. In the latest installment of ‘Pharma Bro vs. The World’ Shkreli is now threatening to erase portions of the one-of-a-kind Wu-Tang album he infamously bought for some $2 million.

Why? Because, as he said in a recent interview with Vice, "I’m not just the heel of the music world … I want to be the world’s heel.”

… The fuck is that supposed to mean? But wait, it gets better.

A recent video entitled "Shut Your Mouth Ghostface Killah … My Goons Will Take You Out!!" shows Pharma Bro in pure smug, shit-eating fashion, sipping from a glass of wine (or cognac?) surrounded by three masked figures (probably white dudes dressed up in what they think all black people wear), all while dissing one of hip-hop’s all-time greats, Ghostface Killah.

"Um, yeah, you're not a ghost-faced killer," he begins. "Most people don't even try to beef with me."

According to Pitchfork, the beef between the two started after Ghostface called Shkreli a — and we quote — ‘shithead’ and went on to state that Shkreli should release the album to the public for free.

"At the end of the day, I'm very sorry for you [Ghostface]," Shkreli says. "You're an old man — an old man that's lost his relevance, and you're trying to claim the spotlight from my spotlight. That's not going to work, Ghost — Dennis. In fact, I think that if you ever say some dumb shit again, this album, this Shaolin, I'm going to erase all your shit from this album. I'm going to erase you from the record books."

Pharma Bro took everything to another level later in the same video clip with the following message:  "Ghost, stop pretending, stop acting, stop lying. 'Be real,' as your video once said, and uh, don't ever fucking mention my name again, or there will be more of a price to pay than just this video." Wow, zesty!

It seems like Shkreli has taken it amongst himself to determine once and for all whether or not Wu-Tang Clan is something to fuck with … good luck with that, bro.