Tomorrow on the Santa Fe strip, the monthly “First Friday” celebration of art and culture again swallow the streets in another unofficial / official event showcasing the very best this city has to offer. Within it, Denver by way of Omaha based artist Phillip Faulkner brings a new series of work titled “Propagation” to the Anthology Fine Art Gallery on 6th and Santa Fe.

The son of a prolific pen and ink landscape artist, Faulkner was captivated by art early on. As with most childhoods, the prismatic animation in Disney films and comic books were pivotal in inspiring the inner-creative and served as a memorable introduction to design. His schooling thereafter was heavily surrounded by the appreciation of art and the continuing education of his studies. After receiving his MFA from the University of Denver he went on to teach new media and painting courses at Metropolitan State University of Denver.

His unique style uses a variety of found articles, a collection that Faulkner has spent some time on acquiring. “I keep an ongoing collection of images, both digital and physical. I acquire books, magazines, postcards and other printed media based on attraction to that thing as an object. I also download much of my content: still images, as well as found film and video footage. I surf the web plenty, and am always saving files under themes,” says Faulkner

“Propagation” takes the viewer into a world of events past with the use of some of those images. The setting in the reproductions are broken apart with Faulkner’s addition of saturated color blocks, some imbedded digitally, others with the more traditional spray or brush. In supplement, Faulkner also delves into film media, and utilizes the front entrance of the gallery to support “Motion Painting,” a collaborative mixed-media work completed with fellow artists.

“I always work in a series. Each series contains a specific workflow. Some projects I begin with research or a content driven goal, and the end result is calculated. Other times the project is more formally based in process and aesthetic,” Faulkner continues, “I get lost in the [process].”

Phillip Faulkner has exhibited work at other notable studios in the past including RedLine (Denver, CO), Center for Visual Arts (Denver, CO.), Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts (Omaha, NE.), VersionFest (Chicago, IL) and a solo show at the FAC Modern (Colorado Springs, CO).

“Propagation” will be on display at the Anthology Fine Art Gallery from July 19th – August 31st, 2013. The artist reception is open to the public and will take place this Friday, August 2nd, 2013 from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. The gallery is located at 635 Santa Fe Dr. in Denver, Colorado.

NARURE_L from phillip faulkner on Vimeo.