Spencer Tunick's "human art" is full of nudity, but something about it just isn't sexual despite the millions of floppy penises and uneven boobs that grace his photos. And that made us wonder…what else are our naked bodies good for other than sex? Let's let his work show us, shall we? Try to suppress your boners, everyone.

New York photographer Spencer Tunick has been creating "human art" for 20 years. His work has showed us the simple, modest beauty of the human form and has really humanized the fuck out of humans. But it's done something else for us that we're forever grateful for: show us that are naked bodies can do so much more than just please each other to the point of blissful tears.

1. Lounge around like a bunch of teenagers too jaded by the banalities of life to do their homework

2. Take a freezing hike on  glacier to show everyone how much your balls can shrink

3. Imitate a herd of sleepy seals sunning themselves

4. Ponder the meaning of life's intricacies

5. These people are causing climate change because their bodies are too hot to handle, so you could try that

6. Gang up on a statue. Looks like it's not going to be a very fair fight.

6. Dye yourself a different color, then just act like nothing's different

7. Imitate sardines packed in a little can

9. The can-can with a bunch of man-mans!

10. Get all your friends together and look numerous

11. Do your best impression of ground turkey

12. Show the sky your boobs/ star gaze

13. Take up all the parking space in a parking garage. Shoulda rode your bike today, car people!


14. Speaking of bike riding, ride your bike! Last one there is a Lance Armstrong!

15. Pour one out for da homies

16. Attend the opera, but stand up the whole time because you're working on your posture

17. Bum-rush a geyser

18. Imitate chicken cutlets. Yum!

19. Dry hump

20. Oh, fuck it. Nudity isn't fun without the sex. Just get your body into a sex-ready position, and hope for the best.