Do any of you know whose Skittle this is?

It's no secret that victims of household robbery can feel violated, especially when irreplaceable personal property is taken from their homes. It's hard to sleep at night, knowing your grandma's gold necklace is gone, or that you'll never see that antique Civil War bayonet your family's had for centuries again. But it's probably the most traumatic when the robbers take your Skittles. Or, in this case, Skittle.

That's something police north of Toronto are all too familiar with right now; they're currently in the process of trying to reunite owners with a large quantity of stolen property burglarized from a handful of homes — including one, solitary orange Skittle.

Orange is an alright flavor. It's not that bad. Red is better, followed by green, but … orange is okay. Whoever's orange Skittle this is should still have it back even though it's only the third best flavor.

Det. Sgt. Don Cardwell says the Skittle was found along with stolen property recovered following the arrests of four people in the series of break-ins across the Greater Toronto Area.

Wanting to ensure the Skittle was returned to its rightful owner, a picture of the solitary Skittle featuring a faded white "S" was posted online Tuesday by York Regional Police in the hopes that someone would recognize and come to claim it.

Police say they hope the picture will give the victims of at least 38 residential break-ins the opportunity to reunite with their belongings.

This is the kind of thorough and just police work we'd like to see be brought stateside. If only our nation's police force had the same burglary capabilities as Toronto's, the world would be a much happier place.

We'd like to offer the victim of the Skittle theft our best wishes and sincerest condolences, and hope to see him or her reunited with this precious missing property soon.