To keep Greg, our slightly balding lawyer off our ass for at least today, we're gonna first say drugs are bad, mmmk?

But if you've felt the sudden urge lately to fly south and start up a cartel, you'll be amazed at what Brazilian authorities recently found in a drug bust. 

The attached video shows a DIY packaging machine capable of filling 150,000 baggies per day — which is only one of three the team found on site. The machines reportedly began as condiment packers, but as all fast-food workers do, turned to a life of drugs and adapted to the street. 

The bags contain 1 gram of cocaine each, which is about $10 there in Brazil compared to the $55 it is in America. Given those fluctuating values, the machines are capable of bagging about $450,000 worth of U.S. blow every day. Or the equivalent to one Charlie Sheen.

Sorry graduates, not even "refined coca packing specialist" jobs are safe in a technology world. Save yourselves.