Lauren Boebert, the GOP Congresswoman known for her gun-toting principles and resemblance to a squirrel, metaphorically shot herself in the foot the other day when she posted several alarming tweets, with one hinting at support for the Taliban.

“The Taliban are the only people building back better,” tweeted Boebert in what could be the most striking and disappointing example of Ambien tweeting since Roseanne Barr’s 2018 racial slurs.

It’s incredibly odd that Boebert would publicize such support for the Taliban in the first place—Boebert is a tried-and-true AR-15 fan, whereas everybody knows that the Taliban are usually a couple of AK-47 fellows.

Boebert later posted a tweet making fun of Afghans clinging to a U.S. Military plane on Monday. The video, which has been widely circulated, shows a crowd of Afghans running along side and clinging to the plane as it takes off. It’s been reported that several people filmed in the video later died after falling from the aircraft.

Boebert retweeted the video, with a caption that read “At least they won’t have to read ‘mean tweets’…”

A fitting proclamation, it would seem, from the mouth of a compassionate and wise leader of this nation who attempts to really exemplify what this fine country is all about.

A Republican, Boebert took office this year before getting heavily involved with one of the shittiest coup attempts this world has ever seen. 

Poor Game-of-Thrones-roleplaying attempts aside, the congressperson is perhaps best known for being one of those people who thinks that their love of firearms suffices as a personality. 

Boebert’s 2020 campaign ran with the promise that she would “carry her Glock to Congress,” with her campaign videos even showing her strapping a Glock handgun to her hip before taking a walk through what appears to be Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.

In January of this year, Boebert caused a holdup at the House of Representatives and refused to hand over her bag during everybody’s favorite game of “What the fuck did you think was going to happen when you tried to bring a loaded handgun into Congress?”  

I’d call and ask if she has a Punisher bumper sticker on the back of her SUV, but I doubt she’d return my calls by presstime.

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