Man, the one time we want to use protection and you get all pissed, huh?

The Milwaukee Art Museum has been getting  furious complaints from all over the world due its plans to erect a huge portrait of Pope Benedict XVI made entirely from … friction-y dick rubbers. 

Man, the one time we want to use protection and you get all pissed, huh?

The piece, lovingly entitled "Eggs Benedict," is made from 17,000 nonlubricated condoms, which really gives a whole new meaning to "double bagging." Personally, we prefer the extra-lubed type but, hey… to each their own.

 "What I did was inter-stuffed them and folded them in order to create this tonal range," artist Niki Johnson recently told WITI television in Milwaukee. Noice.

The portrait measures almost seven feet high and five feet wide, and it can be viewed from both the front and the back: "When you come to the back, you see the condoms themselves," Johnson noted.

Johnson told the WITI she decided to make the cock sock mosaic after Pope Benedict's visit to Africa in 2009. During his visit, Benedict famously said condoms would not resolve the AIDS epidemic: "On the contrary, it increases the problem," he said at the time … like an idiot!

"I was just dumbfounded," Johnson said. "I mean, I couldn't make any sense of that statement. And so I figured I needed to do something."

Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki said the museum's decision to display the piece is :insulting and callous," the Associated Press reports. Some patrons who prefer lambskin have dropped their membership, and at least one donor has terminated their financial support of the not-for-profit museum.

Well, we don't care what those people say; we think it's the most beautiful thing we've ever seen. Condoms rarely get used for anything productive (or reproductive) anymore, so why not put them to good use? Plus, maybe they'll deaden the outrage over the Pope's stupid AIDS comments and the fact that he's being memorialized in fiveskins just like they deaden penile sensation during premarital sex. Either way, at least now you know where to go in Milwaukee when the spark of passion ignites a sex fire between you and the last person standing at the bar. To the Milwaukee Art Museum, and beyond!