It's supposed to be a joke, but it's actually pretty fire.

Dillon Francis and Kill The Noise are two jokesters who have never really taken things very seriously. When they both teamed up to form Meowski666, there wasn't a soul in the world that thought there wouldn't be a little mayhem coming from that camp. What, they get together and suddenly they're pushing out coming of age tomes drenched in tween romance? No, they find sound clips on viral videos, cut a few animal noises into their production and create something like the recently released "Dolphin On Wheels" — which, even though it's supposed to be a joke, is actually pretty good. 

What does that say about the state of electronic music, or us as consumers? That's for a separate series of long-form articles entirely, but in the meantime, let's just take this for face value and let it ride us through the weekend in style. 

And if you're wondering where they got the idea/clips — check out the below video. It's um. It just is.